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Red Sociology is a news and opinion blog that focuses on the struggles for liberation taking place worldwide as well as the more mundane interactions taking place in our society from a critical sociological perspective. Sociology’s mantra is the connection of the personal and the collective, the individual and society, and the micro to the macro and in that vein Red Sociology seeks to utilize the “sociological imagination” to “teach the art of revolution”.

Red Sociology was founded as the personal blog of William Richardson in 2008. In 2011 Red Sociology was expanded into it’s current form with the adding of numerous writers representing various interests, political ideologies, and perspectives. Today Red Sociology serves as the nexus of the political and the sociological bringing opinion, current events, and sociological analysis of the world around us to our readers for the sake of discussion and encouraging people to take a critical look at the world around them.

We update our blog almost daily with new articles, music, poetry, and opinion. Please feel free to browse our topic sections, recent articles, and bios of our writers.

PS In 2014 it faded, in 2016 reincarnation.

Please, contact: insurgent.sociologist@gmail.com


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