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Standpoint Theory

Posted: 15th June 2013 by admin in Articles, Uncategorized

by swlancas Standpoint theorists such as Dorothy Smith would state that the bodily experience of genders-that differ from the dominant white male one-need to be explored more from sociologists as these gender’s perspectives and interests still remain marginal (Smith 1987). Smith would argue that the concrete activities these various genders are taking part in on […]

Modern Concepts of Masculinity

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by swlancas The phrase ‘hegemonic masculinity’ tends to capture a realistic portrayal of social life; put bluntly men continue to hold more economic, political, and social power more than women. As according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, globally men continue to earn 17.6 percent more on average of what women do. Men […]

LOVE Speak: Language of Liberation

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by Shenita Ann McLean source After some interesting reflections on some conversations I have had with my brother William Richardson and in concert with the information and knowledge that I have learned from a myriad of literary works on R{EVOL}utionary struggle I have come to realize something that I have recently attempted to enact […]